DIRT BOOSTER? Premium Worm Castings – 2 lbs

  • Unlike chemical fertilizers, where plants cannot access the benefits of many of the nutritional benefits, worm castings provide a natural and efficient source of nutrients, help fight disease and provide nourishment for all types of plants. DIRT BOOSTER? Premium Worm Castings are the best all natural way to fertilize your plants.
  • Improve soil structure
  • Increase moisture retention in the soil
  • Safe for phosphate sensitive plants
  • Promote beneficial microbial activity that results in healthier plants
  • Help to reduce algae in greenhouses, ponds & lagoons
  • Don?t contaminate ground water
  • Reduce carbon in soil
  • Increase nitrogen levels that plants can more readily access
  • Chemical free and all natural
  • Non-toxic and completely safe for use around children and pets
  • Won?t burn your plants, like other animal manure
  • Help draw out toxins, harmful bacteria and fungi from soil
  • Help prevent extreme pH levels in soil
  • Contain nutrients that last longer than those found in potting soil

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Weight 2 lbs