About Twisted Worm Company

Twisted Worm Company is your source for high quality all natural worm castings and other related products to organically enhance plant and garden growth. At Twisted Worm we take organic gardening seriously and recognize that high quality plants only come from high quality, natural, organic fertilizer. We hand sift and prepare our castings to ensure only the most pure castings make it to your garden.

Our products are developed with only the most pure castings to optimize growth and to get most effective results from your plants. Our premier worm castings product, DIRT BOOSTER?, is an all-natural soil supplement and perfect food for plants. DIRT BOOSTER? will exceed all your growing expectations! An organic fertilizer with naturally balanced, high levels of minerals and nutrients, Dirt Booster? is a cultivated, organic worm castings product, which enhances plants? ability to absorb important nutrients and minerals that boost plant growth.

Our Products Include:

  • DIRT BOOSTER?: Premium Worm Castings
  • Live Earthworms
  • Red Wigglers
  • Alabama Jumpers
  • European Night Crawlers
  • African Night Crawlers